How do lobbyists work?

Lobbyists are associated with the schools, churches, retail businesses, and all corporate interests you can possibly think of. Though the constitution of America grants each individual or business the right to appeal to Congress to make laws in the interest of their needs, this job is best handled by professional lobbyists. It is they who are very well aware of the intricacies of the legislative procedures – whom to approach, how and when to make an effective case, and how to follow-up. Professional lobbyists research, scrutinize and analyze regulatory proposals, appear at congressional hearings, and actually enlighten government officials and corporate officers on prominent issues. When required, lobbyists also run campaigns to change public opinions and spread awareness among the masses and influence the perception of the political leaders. They serve to aid the elected officials in understanding the information in front of them so that they can consider different viewpoints and then judge what is in the best interests of the public and country.